If you are prepared to work hard and follow my advice, your fat loss goal is achievable! Your tailored programme will be specific to you and your goal with the aim of producing healthy and permanent life changing results in the minimum time possible.

You will notice I use the term ‘fat loss’. Whilst my clients do lose weight , I am more interested in how my clients look and helping them achieve the physique they dream of. When the scales say you’ve lost 28lbs in reality you may have actually lost something like 35lbs but gained the other 7lbs in muscle. This muscle gain plays an integral role in increasing your metabolism and burning fat.


Effective resistance training is key to fat loss. For every 1lb of muscle you gain, you burn approximately 50 extra calories per day. This type of training encourages the breakdown of muscle in order for the body to adapt and build even more muscle ready for the next time you train. Spending countless hours on a bike or cross-trainer doing ‘steady state cardio’ isn’t just very time consuming and boring but is also detrimental hormonally, resulting in less energy, less muscle and more fat! Aerobic exercise has been linked with the catabolic hormone cortisol, which inhibits the development of lean muscle mass. It also encourages the use of fat (sounds great at first but read on). So we know the body is very efficient; effective resistance training encourages the breakdown of muscle, only for the body to adapt and rebuild even more muscle (great news, remember more muscle means more calories burnt even when resting).

Research has found that aerobic training whilst ‘encouraging the use of fat’ allows the same efficient body to adapt by storing more fat in order for it to be prepared for its next ‘aerobic’ session. Instead your sessions will be designed to burn fat, gain lean muscle mass and work in a more anaerobic fashion rather than a boring aerobic training.